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With over 12,000 species of ants in the world, there’s no shortage of these tiny, industrious creatures. Well over 100 types of ants call South Carolina home. Ants are more than a nuisance — they can also cause damage, carry diseases, and inflict painful bites.

The Worst Types of Pest Ants

Fire Ants — These tiny ants pack a mighty painful sting. These small reddish insects are very aggressive and won’t hesitate to deliver painful, sometimes venomous injections that cause swelling and redness that can last for weeks. Their prolific mounds are most likely to be encountered in your yard or along a sidewalk. Unsuspecting people or pets are most likely to run afoul of these ants during the warmer weather months.

Carpenter Ants — Like their name suggests, these ants are much more interested in nibbling their way through wood than giving you a sting. They’re particularly fond of damp logs or lumber. They can cause damage to your home, so they should be eliminated if you find them.

Odorous House Ants — Those little ants hanging out in your kitchen around the trash can or pantry are likely odorous house ants. Their name says it all: when crushed, they smell bad. These little guys enjoy some of the same foods you do and will sometimes come into homes looking for water, too. Not only are they a nuisance, house ants can also carry bacteria on their feet, spreading it through your kitchen.

How to Prevent an Ant Infestation

Like with any pest, eliminating the source of what’s attractive is the first step. With fire ants, they’ll set up shop anywhere outdoors. If you have a lawn, you’re rolling out the welcome mat, so they’re tough to discourage. Carpenter ants enjoy damp wood. An old wood pile out back or soggy decking that’s in constant contact with the ground may be just the thing they’re looking for.

Odorous house ants are attracted to your home by easily available sources of food and water. Making sure that all food items in the pantry are sealed and that the area in and around the trash can stays clean will discourage them from invading your home.

No matter what type of ants you’re dealing with, we can eliminate the problem. Contact us for treatment that will prevent these pests from returning.

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Ants can be difficult to get rid of once they’ve established a colony, simply based on sheer numbers. However, it’s important to control an infestation if you’ve noticed signs of ants in your home or business in order to prevent any problems.