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Roaches are one of the most common pests to infest homes and businesses. They multiply quickly, so if you don’t immediately address a problem, it can easily develop into an infestation. Roaches are not simply gross—they also may carry bacteria that can result in food poisoning, diarrhea, skin rashes, and allergies. It’s essential to get rid of roaches as soon as you notice them. How to Prevent Roach Infestations Roach infestations can usually be prevented with several simple measures.
  • Eliminate food sources. Keep kitchens clean, vacuum regularly, ensure all food containers are tightly sealed, and keep trash emptied.
  • Eliminate water sources. Fix leaky pipes and faucets, don’t allow water to stand in tubs, showers, or sinks, keep pet water dishes emptied and dried overnight.
  • Eliminate shelter. Seal any cracks around baseboards, door frames, and window frames, and seal any holes around pipes and light fixtures.

If You Have a Roach Infestation
Depending on the type of roach infestation you have, there are several different ways to treat the problem. A professional will know not only where juvenile roaches may be hiding, but also what type of treatment you need.

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