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Crawl Space Encapsulation

Moisture in your crawl space is an invitation to pests of all kinds, including termites, dust mites, carpenter ants, snakes, and rodents. Crawl space encapsulation eliminates the moisture that pests need to survive.

Crawl space moisture is particularly problematic because it causes wood rot, pest activity, and mildew and mold growth. Warm air rises, so the moisture in your crawl space is drawn up into the upper levels of the home, bringing humidity and odors with it. Encapsulation can take care of all of these problems.

What Can Cause Crawl Space Moisture?

Most crawl spaces are exposed to the dirt below the home, allowing moisture from the ground to seep into the crawl space — both into the air and into the sub-structure. If the crawl space isn’t sufficiently ventilated, surface condensation adds to the naturally-occurring moisture. This problem can be compounded by insufficient grading. When a home experiences a heavy rain, water can enter the crawl space.

When wood and other building materials are allowed to stay damp, mold, mildew, and termites thrive, causing costly structural damage to your home.

How Crawl Space Encapsulation Solves Moisture Issues

Encapsulation protects your crawl space from both the ground’s dampness and from humid outside air, preventing the problems that this moisture causes.

  • Crawl space encapsulation begins with a heavy, reinforced liner that covers the ground, walls, and supports. This liner prevents moisture from seeping in.
  • Next, we install a dehumidifier that will prevent air from stagnating.
  • If your home experiences special challenges with improper grading or drainage issues, we can install foundation drains.
  • A remote monitoring device allows you to keep tabs on humidity levels in your crawl space.

What You Need to Know

Just because something is permitted, doesn’t make it right. Many areas have building codes that permit vented crawl spaces with dirt floors, even though they’re proven to cause moisture problems.

Building experts recommend sealing. The preferred solution to moisture problems is encapsulation. It’s the most thorough prevention that exists today.

Mold spores can rise through cracks into your home. Mold spores cause a variety of respiratory problems, including irritated throat and coughing. Those who are allergic can experience even more severe reactions. Encapsulation eliminates mold.

Fiberglass insulation, while great for insulating the upper walls of a home, can be problematic for crawl spaces. Fiberglass insulation absorbs moisture easily, creating a breeding ground for mold.

Encapsulation reduces your energy bills. Because encapsulation prevents excessive outside air from entering your home and serves to insulate it, you’ll see a savings on your energy bills.

Signs of Crawl Space Moisture Problems

Not sure if your crawl space has an issue with moisture? Here are a few things that can trigger or indicate a problem.

  • Insects, snakes, or rodents in the crawl space
  • During the winter, cold floors directly above the crawl space
  • Dirty and/or damp insulation in the crawl space
  • Fiberglass insulation lying on the floor of the crawl space
  • Wet areas on the crawl space floor
  • Mold or a moldy smell in the crawl space
  • Rotted wood in the crawl space

Encapsulation is a cost-effective way to prevent pest problems, improve air quality, protect from structural damage, and save money on energy.

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