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Real Estate Inspections and Reports

CL-100 Inspections and Wood Infestation Reports are required by mortgage lenders in order to close on a property. These reports tell buyers and their lenders if termites or any other wood-destroying organism is present in the structure at the time of inspection.

We’re fully licensed, and we’re proud to say that we provide completely comprehensive inspections and reports for customers’ peace of mind.

What the Inspections Look For
The CL-100 looks for several indicators of problems.

  • Visible evidence of active or previous infestations of subterranean termites or other wood-destroying insects (such as powder post beetles or carpenter bees)
  • Visible evidence of prior subterranean termite treatment
    Presence of active wood-destroying fungi (which has a wood moisture content of 28% or above) or presence of wood-destroying fungi that is inactive (less than 28% wood moisture content).
  • Visibly damaged wooden members below the main first floor of the home (such as columns, sills, joists, plates, door jambs, headers, exterior stairs, and porches).

What the Report Tells You
The Wood Infestation Report consists of two pages that offer basic information about the inspection and answer questions about the inspection, such as:

  • Where was the damage found?
  • What caused the damage?
  • Is there any visible evidence of infestation or previous treatment?
  • Are there any obstructions or inaccessible areas which cannot be inspected?
  • Were all damages reported?
  • Was a builder contacted to assess the damages?

The report also provides details about what was discovered in the inspection, noting particular areas of concern and anything else the buyer would need to know.

We partner with several realtors locally who recommend our services, and we are also happy to work directly with home buyers.

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