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Mole Removal

Although moles look cute, they can cause damage to yards and gardens due to the fact that they dig tunnels. They prefer to stay underground most of the time, although they do come to the surface occasionally. Entrances to their tunnels appear as mounds of dirt—they “mole hill.”

Typically, moles come into your yard looking for food—they eat grubs, earthworms, and other insects. Moles are actually helpful in controlling bug populations, but they are problematic when they take up residence in your yard. Because they seek out loose soil and bugs, gardens are a favorite for moles.

Why Moles Are Problematic
While they aren’t aggressive, moles can still be a problem. Experiencing your yard being dug up by moles and your grass turning brown is annoying, and moles don’t like moving from a location they’ve selected for a home. If you try to physically remove them, they may bite in self-defense.

Mole Removal
Because they are wild animals, it’s best to leave mole removal to professionals who know how to get rid of them in a safe, humane manner. Professionals can bait and trap moles, and then move them to an appropriate location.

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