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Flea Control

Fleas are the bane of pet owners. According to a 2015 study by Nielsen, Americans spend $379.1 million annually on flea and tick products. But you don’t have to have a pet to experience fleas. Other pests, such as rats and bats can carry fleas, and if the previous owner of your home kept a pet with fleas, these pests may still live in the carpets.

Why Fleas Are Troublesome
Fleas feed on the blood of a host animal—usually cats, dogs, and livestock—by biting and sucking out blood. Flea bites are not initially painful, but bites quickly become itchy and inflamed, causing pain as they develop. As pets or humans scratch the bites, the lesions may bleed or become infected.

Where Fleas Are Found
Fleas will happily live in both pet and human bedding—mattresses, pillows, and blankets are all susceptible. Carpets, area rugs, and furniture make good places for fleas to hide as well. Dog houses, kitty posts, and other pet accessories are also prime locations to find fleas.

Why Fleas Are Tough to Get Rid Of
The life cycle of fleas gives these pests an incredible survival ability. Fleas are not easily controlled by over-the-counter products. Prevention is the best way to ensure you don’t experience an infestation, but if you’re already dealing with a flea problem then you’ll need a long-acting insecticide.

How to Keep Fleas at Bay
Prevention is essential. Here are several steps you can take to help ensure you don’t encounter a flea infestation.

  • Keep pets treated with medicines such as Frontline and Bayer Advantage Multi, which you can get from your vet.
  • Vacuum regularly.
  • Wash pet bedding regularly and dry on the hottest dryer setting.
  • If you are already dealing with an infestation, contact us [link to contact page] for treatment that can break the lifecycle and eliminate the problem.

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