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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should my home be inspected for termites?

We recommend that a structure be inspected annually to make sure that termites or a moisture issue has not developed.

I live in a concrete slab home do I need to worry about termites?

Yes! There is no type of construction (slab, crawl space, basement) that is safe from termite infestation. All homes typically have some wood based products that termites will eat, such as wall studs, sheet rock, or possibly floors.

Are the products you use safe around pets and children?

All of our products meet the requirements and are registered with the EPA. Our application methods along with IPM (integrated pest management) limit the exposure a person or pet may have. However if there is a special circumstance that you feel a person or pet has, please contact Putman Pest Management so that we can work with you to ensure the safety of the person(s) or pet(s).

How do I or can I pay my bill online?

Yes you can, from the invoice you receive there will be a link that will allow you to do this!

Can I schedule an appointment online?

The best way to schedule an appointment is to call us at (864) 292-1919 or click here to send us an email.  We hope to make scheduling an appointment online an option in the near future.

Do I have to leave my house or clean out cabinets when you come treat my house?

Most of the time it is perfectly safe for you to be in the home when we treat. We use safe application methods and products which allow you to be present while we treat. If there are situations such as chemical sensitivity Putman Pest Management will be glad to work with you in these situations. Most of the time, with today’s products, the cabinets will not have to be cleaned out.

Have questions or need our help?  Give us a call at (864) 292-1919 or send us a service request.

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